Stamps of PANAMA
1851: E.L. to New York 1851 STEAMSHIP 20 on front, red "MOSQUERA HURTADO Y CA." forwarding agent cache on the back.
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1869: Entire folded letter with 1s green Victoria tied with oval barrel "498" killer matched with red MANCHESTER / 16 MR 69 postmark, black senderís dated circular cachet on the side. Via PANAMA per British Post AP 8 entry, forwarded to ACAPULCO, oval forwarding agent "Hourquet Poylo & Ca." cachet on back fold alongside red LONDON entry. Blue "10" manuscript rating on front. Evenly toned due to age.
1856: Panama, Buena Ventura (Peru) July 22, 1856 docket of origin on entire to London, company cachet of "De Francisco & Co." on front, red "Encaminada Por Hurtado i Hermanos Panama" forwarding agent cachet, British office "Panama AU 8 1856" split ring backstamp, manuscript "1/-" rate, arrival backstamp, fine.
1868: Panama Forwarding Agent: E.L. from Santa Marta with sender's cachet to New York.  On the reverse, fine oval FORWARDED BY/W.P MAAL ASPINWALL forwarding agent cachet. N.Y. STEAMSHIP/10 arrival cds.
1854: Red "Encaminada Por Hurtado i Hermanos PANAMA" forwarding agent cachet,