Stamps of PANAMA
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1825ca. Envuelta sin fechar circulada de PANAMA a BUENAVENTURA. Marca PANAMA/FRANCO en rojo, marca del periodo Colonial Espaņol usada en el periodo Republicano. Earliest recorded cover with circled PANAMA FRANCO. Only recorded to Buenaventura.
Via Panama 1822, October 24: Entire letter from Kingston (Jamaica) to Lima with '4' rate in manuscript, struck with straight-line PANAMA handstamp in red in transit. Interestting contents 'we have pleasure in forwarding you through the Isthmus a letter from England...'
Via Panama 1840, April 29:  Lima to London 29 April 1840 with Type I PANAMA/FRANCO marking and manuscript 4 1/2 reales rate.
1849: - May 30 to "Senor General Tomas Cipriano Mosquera" from Valparaiso, Chile to Bogota privately forwarded to Panama with oval "PANAMA/DEBE" and handstruck "1 1/2" rating both in red. It was then re-addressed to Barranquilla.
1840: - Jan 27 to "Senor General Tomas Cipriano Mosquera Secretario de la gobernacion" with oval "PANAMA/DE OFICIO"  to Bogota.