Stamps of PANAMA
1st Panama overprint on
2nd Map Issue 1892-95
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November 9, 1903
November 9, 1903
November 9, 1903
November 9, 1903
November 9, 1903
November 9, 1903
November 9, 1903
* The 1st official day of issue goes as follow:
Issued in the City of Panama
These stamps were printed with "REPUBLICA DE PANAMA" overprinted in Rose and Blue Black handstamp. Overprinted from November 16, 1903.
December 14 1903, the date on this cover. The regular postage stamps was cancelled December 14; the AR stamps was cancelled December 19.
Two different handstamps were used to prepare the
10c surcharge. The shorter measures 4.5mm. wide; the '1' measures 2.5mm. in height and the '0' measures 3.0mm. Both rose-red and blue-black inking pads were used. The blue-black, as on this cover is uncommon. The taller handstamp has the same width, but the numerals are of equal height and measure between 3.0mm, and 3.3mm. This example has a period after the '10.' This may not show due to light inking or application. In later use the period disappeared due to wear.
1903 November 29 cds Panama to Colon with Scott 53. Interior usage.
1903 November 16 cds Panama to New York with Scott 55.
1903 December 21 cds Panama to New York with Scott 54.
1903 December 14 cds to Panama. "Angelo Lupi" covers are Philatelic.
November 11, 1903, this is the earliest known Colombian H3 cover usage in Panama after independance day. Making it the 2nd earliest known Registered cover (with number 7633) from the Republic of Panama, 8 days after Independence on November 3, 1903. The rose-red REPUBLICA DE PANAMA rubber handstamp was first used on November 9. Colombian Registration stamps were in stock at Panama, Colon, and Bocas del Toro. So far as is known, the 1902 20c Colombia F14 was not used on the Isthmus prior to Independence. It was subsequently overprinted at each of the three cities. It is Shown here as Panama F7 overprinted at Panama with the same rubber hand-stamp used to prepare the rose-red and blue-black 1st provisional issue overprints. After Independence the same registration numbering machine was used and the numbering advanced until the end of the year.